Piti Bucha Kroo Dtamnak Phu Lersi Narai Ban Phaew

Wai Kroo Ceremony of Phu Lersi Narai Ban Phaew – performing Krob Siarn Por Phu Lersi Ta Fai and blessings. Krob Siarn is the Lersi Mask Inititation Ritual top bering Blessings and Protection on the devotee for the whole year, and to retake the 5 precepts with the offering of the Khan Kroo and receiving of the Five Khanda(Rap Khant Ha) blessing.

Lersi Narai ฤาษีนารายณ์

An exorcism is performed on a disabled Devotee, who is apparently possessed with an aggressive spirit who insults Por Gae. Por Gae then sends a Sacred Na (a kind of Yant spell for protection) inside the Devotee at point of the ritual sword, and performs an exorcism with the Lersi Mask of Por Gae to exorcise the spirit, and protect with blessings.

The red liquid emerging from Por Gae’s mouth is Betel and Areca nut, which is a habit Por Gae has, and is part of the peculiarities of Por Gae when he enters the body of the Medium, that he must have Betel and Arca nuts to chew on. Por Gae does not perform Krob Kroo Lersi Mask Initiation on every Looksit, rather only on selected ones.

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