Siamese Prisoner about to be Beheaded - click to read

Siamese Prisoner about to be Beheaded – a premature and fearful death in most circumstances. He who has conquered fear and attachment however (Abhinya 6), will be empowered to face such a Death without the necessity of becoming a ‘Phii Dtaay Hoeng’ – a Hoeng Prai Ghost. Instead, such a Master would simply pass into the Astral and Beyond, continuing his or her Journey in further development. The Deathlessness that comes from fearlessness, is the key to escaping such undesirable predicaments in the only remaining possible way – Non-Attachment. The practice of Non-Attachment is one of the causes of the Arisal of the Abhinya Supernatural Powers, and a Important Renunciant Practice of the Thai Lersi Hermit.