Krob Kroo Chang Sin Forn

Lersi Mask Blessing of the Thai Traditional Dance Theater Profession

Lersi Mask Blessing of the Thai Traditional Dance Theater, Musical Arts and Performance Artists – attended and supported by the committee of Ancient History of the Ministry of Fine Arts.

The Ceremony was controlled and designed to emulate the correct Traditional method of Wai Kroo without any distorted insertions into the Ritual, in order to preserve the true methods of the Ancient Wicha, and preserve the Purity of the Tradition. The Ceremony was performed in two parts in order to demonstrate the difference between the State Ceremonial Method and the Common Proletarian method of the Common Folk. The State Method involve the Krob Kroo and Wai Kroo according to traditional ancient Siamese Brahman Wicha.

Then a second separate Ceremony was performed of the ‘Liang Phii’ type (feed and nourish ghosts) was performed, which is the common Folk method which has Animist Influences, and is not purely Brahman or Buddhist in Nature.
This was the first time an Official Government Organism has performed such an educative event, for Thai people, students of Anthropology, and Devotees of Thai Buddha Magic to learn about in the correct manner, and to preserve the True Understanding of the Tradition for Future generations to Enjoy.

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