Natasin Manorah

Manora Dancers - Deva Dance

Southern ‘Manorah’ Naatasin Classical Dancers perform their Offering to the Devas, to invite their presence. This shows how each and every region has its particularities in Wai Kroo and Krob Kroo ceremonies, and shows the Brahman Roots which traveled from South India and Sri Langka to south Thailand, and how it separately traveled from Northern Indian and Burmese Cultures into central and Northern Thailand. The difference in Wai Kroo and the variation in Costumes and Regalia is relatively different from North to south, just as it was (and still is) in Hindu India, with Artistic and Cultural visual representation of Mythological and Angelic Beings.
So in the South we have Manora Magic, and in the North we have Lanna Magic, and in the East we have Khmer and Isan magic, the West, Karen and Mon Magic…