Animal Face Lersi

Tiger, Monkey and Deer Head Ruesi – Lersi Na Suea – Tiger head Lersi Lersi Na Kwang/ Na Nuea (deer faced Lersi) & Lersi Na Ling

The Legend of how these three Lersi Hermits got their Animal Heads

About Animal headed Lersi;

There are many different types and classifications of Lersi Thai Hermits, who are believed to exist on differing levels/worlds. The most animal headed Lersi are classified as “Lersi Chan Taep”, meaning “Angelic” or “Divine” level Lersi Hermit. The three Lersi Hermits in the picture below are (from left to right; Lersi Na Ling (monkey), Lersi Na Nuea (deer) and Lersi Na Suea (tiger). There is a legend about these three animal faced Lersi Hermits, as to how they got their Animal faces.

Lersi Na Suea

Lersi Na SueaThis Lersi Hermit Sage, is also known as Boromakroo Phu Jao Samingpray. In Thai, his real name and title is ‘Tan Taw Himawat’ (ท่านท้าวหิมวัต).

The language used to communicate this Kata with the Lersi Hermit is ‘Pasa Gubodte’ which is a language of the Deities.

Both Lersi Naa Suea and Lersi Naa Kwang were loyal friends long before they became Lersi. They studied under the same Ajarn, Lersi Wasit. When they have improved their skills considerably, they separated from the ashram of their master, Lersi Wasit. They journeyed further into the forest and form their own ashram nearby to the foot of Mount Krailash, where they continued to develop in their practices. Each of the Hermit Sages took off in separate paths, and found a peaceful place in order to practice Dhamma in an undisturbed manner.

The two Lersi Hermits, were, of course, still with human heads, and had other names as Naa Suea and Naa Kwang (this comes later in the story); They were named “Pra Lersi Kala Siddhi”, and “Pra Lersi Batapaa”. Lersi Kala Siddhi practiced in the Southern quarter of the Ashram, and Lersi Batapaa practiced in the Northern quarter. They both devoted all their time to Samadhi (concentration meditation), for a very long period of time, practicing with the utmost diligence. Once every period of time, they would visit each other, but sometimes, very long periods of time would pass between the visits.The time came when both Lersi Hermits had practiced long enough to have attained a multitude of abilities and Kata, and were even able to change their shape into the shape of another animal.

One day, Lersi Kala Siddhi was missing Batapaa, so decided to pay a visit. Apart from this, he was in the mood to show off his most recently acquired skills and put his comrade to the test in a battle of wits and spells, to see who is the best. As they were chatting, they discussed who had discovered the best Magick Katas, and who had attained the most merits to perform miracles. Each of the two Hermits maintained that it was their own self who was the most powerful.

As a test, they decided to both do their trick at the same moment, without warning, and see who had the best idea. Pra Lersi Batapaa (otherwise called “Pra Lersi Bpiidton”), cast a spell using a Kata into the “Nam Montr” (holy water), and gave it to Kala Siddhi as prevention and cure for any unfortunate incidents that might occur from their magick. Lersi Kala Siddhi performed a similar ceremony, and gave the prayer water to Batapaa in exchange for the gesture.

Suddenly, with the power of the Nam Montr, Lersi Batapaa mutated, and converted his head into the likeness of a golden deer, so beautiful, that his friend Kala Siddhi was forced to admire the feat with wide open eyes – Upon which, Lersi Kala Siddhi invoked the sacred power of his Nam Montr, and suddenly, appeared with the head of “Suea Kroeng” (Bengal Tiger) , with beautiful yellow fur shiny and golden. Both friends were please to encounter their synchronicity and likeness in their attainments, feeling each other to be peers and equals.

Here is where the where the twist in the story comes; In the trees at the edge of the Ashram, there was a Lersi Hermitby the name of Udtri watching them both display their abilities, upon seeing which, Udtri walked over and approached them, raising a hand to salute and revere them. All three Lersi sat down to chat, and talked for hours in Equanimity.

After some time, Udtri began to speak lengthily on the fact that both Lersi Hermits looked extremely handsome and beautiful at the same time with their strange looking, majestic animal heads, He mentioned that they should think that such a strange and never seen before thing, was so unusual, and had never ever happened in all history to date, and therefore should most probably never wish to return back to their normal state, rather maintain and revere this wonderful miracle.

Lersi Statue - Na Suea - Tiger Face Lersi พระฤาษีหน้าเสือ

Pra Lersi Udtri then began to talk endlessly about all kinds of topics, luring the two hermits to forget to partake of the sacred water they had prepared, and Lersi Udtri slowly, but surely approached nearer, until he was able to sit between the two bowls of prayer water, and the Lersi Batapaa and Kala Siddhi. All of a sudden, he jumped up, grabbing the Nam Montr and flinging it through the air – scattering it on the grass. Lersi Kala Siddhi and Lersi Batapaa looked onwards as the last drops of Nam Montr sank into the earth, and knew instantly that their chances of returning to normal were no more.

The two Sages were infuriated with Lersi Udtri and raised their concentration to focus and cast a Kata to curse Udtri with unhappiness. Lersi Udtri’s face was converted into that of a Monkey.

This is how the three animal faced Lersi and their legends came to be.

Lersi Na Suea (Tiger faced) is also known as “Pra Lersi Galasit” พระฤาษีหน้าเสือ – กาฬสิทธิ์, and also as ‘Tan Taw Himawat’ and ‘Phu Jao Saming Prai’ – Lersi Na Kwang Tong is Lersi Pathaapaa, or, Lersi Bpidton. Pra Lersi Na Ling (monkey faced) is none other than the Lersi Udtri himself.

After the 3 Lersi regained their calm, and accepted their fate, they forgave each other and went to their respective places of solitude and continued their practices.

The Kata (mantra) for Reusi Na Suea (tiger head Lersi) is as follows;
Oem Rue raa Mahaa Rue Raa Payakkae Payakkoe Ittirittae Ittirittoe sirae sirae kuroe kuroe Yaadoe Bpen Man Naa Ham Guu Diar Bang Giar Doer Doer

In Thai; โอม ฤ ฤา มหา ฤ ฤา พยัคเฆ พยัคโฆ อิทธิฤทธิเธ อิทธิฤทธิโธ สิเร สิเร
คุโร คุโร ยาโดร์ บัน นัมร์ นา ฮัม กู เดียร์ บัง เกียร์ โดร์ โดร์

Another Animal Head Lersi Hermit is that of “Pra Lersi Pikanesworn”

The Image is used even as a Sak Yant Tattoo, showing a Lersi Hermit walking in the forest, with Elephant Head
Ganesh Elephant Head Lersi
Above – Lersi Pikanesworn Khone Mask – Animal Head Lersi
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