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Pra Lersi

Pra Lersi, also known as Ruesi; Ruesi-Ism in Thailand – a Dedicated Way of Higher Spiritual Practice, accessible to Laypersons who are focused upon Meritorious Spiritual Goals, and the acquirement of Supernatural Abilities in order to assist Living Beings in reducing suffering.

Lersi - Ruesi Por Gae

All about the Lersi Hermit Sages and the Thai Way of Practice – Meditation, Psychic Powers, Lersi Tat Ton, Yogic Practices, Thai Amulets and their Makers, Sak Yant Temple Tattoos, Historical Information on the Lersi and their Vedic Ancestors, the Rishi. There are Hundreds of Ruesi Legends, both Vedic and Thai Buddhist, and a Massive Pantheon of Ruesi Gods, Angelic Entities, and even Worldly Lersi, who practice in their Samnak, Asrom (Ashrams) and in the Caves and Forests of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Burma, and with various hill tribes of South East Asia.

Note;The words ‘Ruesi’ and ‘Lersi’ are Synomimous with each other

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