War of the Ruesi

Songkram Pra Lersi – The War of the Ruesi

The War of the Ruesi

The War of the Ruesi is an Ancient Legend which tells the tale of how the rise of Female Ruesi-Ism led to the Dissemination of the Equanimity between the various Hermit Sages who were practicing in the Himapant Forests and the Celestial realms. The male Ruesi slowly became attached to Sensual Desires attracted by the Beauty and Charm of the Lady Ruesi.

The following story is part of the Legend of the War of the Ruesi

The war of the Ruesi was instigated by the increase of lady Ruesi practitioners appearing in the forest, whose beauty and charm seduced the Hermit Sages and distracted them from their Austerities, and caused them to fall prey to desire and jealous possessive instincts. This is how that story came to pass, according to the Ancient Story, which caused a Ruckus in the Heavens, and is part of the reason why no Lady Ruesi have been seen for hundreds of years, until lately in the 21st Century, where a revival of Female Lersi-Ism is currently on the rise

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