Prana Yama

Lom Pran – Prana

The exercise of maintaining Conscious Control of the Breath as it enters and leaves the body is sometimes known in Thai as ‘Lom Surya Kala’, and ‘Lom Jantra Kala’ – The Air that enters the right nostril is called Surya Kala and the Air that passes through the left nostril is called Jantra Kala.

Mondays, Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays are the days when the Lom Surya Kala flows Strongly.

Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days when the Lom Jantra Kala is flowing Strongly.

The Importance of Knowledge about, and Mastery of Prana (Breath Energy) is Immense in the Practice of Thai Saiyasart (Magical Arts), and Ruesi-Ism. The Master Yogis, Magicians and Incantation Makers all have to know and Master this Essential Wicha. Before attempting to perform any kind of Kata or other Incantation, it is necessary to be able to use the Prana Energy flow to empower those Incantations.

It also is a meditative method which raises the Consciousness and Clarity of Focused Thought. With One-Pointedness, Purity of Mind Arises, and Therewith, Empowerment. He who practices the raising of the Prana and Focus on the Breath before undergoing any daily activities, will also find that Prana is beneficial in protecting the mind of the Practitioner from the Assault of the ‘Real World’ which one must encounter Dailiy, and which tends to drag the mind down into slumber. Maintaining Conscious awareness of the Breath (Anapanasati), Combined with the Control of Prana, is the basis for the development of True Mind Powers. Rituals can be learned by anybody, and perhaps this is also true with Psychic Powers, but the latter must be said to be the less likely to be Mastered.


If the Breath (respiration) is in a bothered state and not relaxed, then the Mind is also relaxed. In some Indian Hindu Traditions, Prana is considered Shakti (Cosmic Energy). Prana is an Energy Source which Pervades all Living Beings, and is part og the Life Sustaining Vital Forces (mentioned in the Upanishads). In fact, the word Prana comes from ‘Pra’ meaning ‘to fill’.

This refers to the Prana Energy filling the body of living beings as a Pervading Life Force Energy. It is not the Self or a Soul though, rather a Component of the members of Aggregates which make up a Living Being. In Ayurvedic and Yogic Practices, the Sun is connected to the Prana Energy and is seen as a Source of Prana.

Prana Yantra (Hindu)

To use this Method, on the days which belong to each of the two Kalas, one must circulate the corresponding nostril to each day. One should not practice breathing in through the wrong nostril on the wrong day. If you find yourself breathing in the wrong rhythm, stop, and chant;

Pra Puttakun Pra Tammakun Pra Sangkakun (3 Times)

Then start anew and enter the correct sequence, and then you can embark further on your daily undertakings. Every time you become aware that you have forgotten to watch your breath, you must return to the practice, be it in the prayer and meditation room, the office, the dinner table, or anywhere at all. This is Manifest Practice Method, for constant and permanent Awakened Mind Powers. Whichever nostril is empowered on each day, raise that foot first when leaving the home through the door, to succeed and attain ones goals that day.

Another Important thing which needs to be told about Prana Energy, is the fact that Prana is not just a Vital Life Force Energy, but can also be channeled to heal  the illnesses and wounds of other Beings.

Lersi Hermit Exercises

Lom Pran (Prana) is also able to be used to attract events or material things, and bring luck and prosperity if used in this way. Prana Arises from the proper and long term practice of deep and mindfully performed breath control. The Prana is absorbed and Charged within the body of such a Practitioner. It is health improving to have Prana circulating within you.

Prana is equivalent to Chi Energy. It is said to be able to help in dousing anger and sexual; desires, and is thus often used as a tool to incinerate such impure elements and remove them from the mind. This is part of the necessary Purification of the Lersi, the Sangha or any Lay Practitioner who wishes to follow the footsteps of the Lord Buddha. The power of Samadhi to meditate and focus rapidly in a few moments is also sometimes one of the benefits of Prana.

The Chakras

Rapture is another Blessing received with the receiving of Prana, but requires warning of getting stuck on the rapture and this making no further progress beyond that stage of development. Prana can be expelled from the orifices or otherwise. Control of Prana is a Form of Psychic Power. It can be used to cast Incantations and blow blessings or spells on Material Objects or Persons, Make Holy Water and Spray it – these kind of matters are directly involved with Prana Breath Energy. In Thai we call this ‘Tay Pran’ which means to distribute Prana.

Jivaka Rishi - Lersi Chiwok

The person who uses Prana for these purposes must have a very strong focused mind, and strong Powers of Samadhi. He must use the supposition and intense focused intent on the ‘Mon Kata’ (Mantras and Kata Incantations). The fusion of Voice and Prana Breath Energy in the focused mind and powerfully performed Incantations allows for the Prana Energy to Charge Up and Increase its density so that the Adept can then transfer some of it to another Person. Using Prana for the Purpose of Healing Illnesses is the best method of using Prana for Auspicious Purposes. The distribution and sharing of the Prana, is sharing of Life Energy, and is the most powerful Healing Force within all things, and when properly employed, can cause illness to fade and disappear without any kind of Medical treatment. This is not really Miraculous, rather a Spiritual Science which is not yet properly Understood by the Scientific or Modern World.

Ruesi Chiwok (Jivaka)

There are various Methods applied to the transference, or channeling of Prana Energy; It is sometimes performed by stroking tapping or otherwise touching the person, using their finger or hand. Also using Ritual Instruments, such as wands and scepters, or the stick and needle with which sak yant tattoos are made. In Thailand, the use of Incantation, Prayer and blowing the Prana onto the sick person is applied more often than not. Praye Water and Amulets are also Empowered with Prana in the same Fashion. This is how it was performed in Ancient Times, and it is still how it is performed now, by those who practice properly.

Thai Ruesi in Yogic Pose (Tat Ton)

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