Prayer for Sak Yant Tattoos

Kata, or, Incantation, for chanting in Prayer to Invoke the Powers of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos – This Kata is suprisingly not very well known, and is rarely seen taught in the Samnak Sak yant in the Modern Day. But the Kata is both Ancient and Authentic within the Dtamrai Saiyawaet Occult Grimoires of Ancient Sorcery of the Lersi.

For Preservation Purposes and to revive the correct pronunciation and invocation of the Kroo Ba Ajarn and the Magical Powers within Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, I (Ajarn Spencer Littlewood) have made a podcast tutorial, to help protect and preserve the Wicha.

Kata Pluk Sek Roi Sak Yant

Idti Bpiso-o Pakawaa Apini Haara Bparami Sambpan-no Mahaa Garunaa Mahaa Bpanyaa – Atithaana Itti Mano Mahitti Jidt-Dta Tip-Pa Jag-Khu – Paawanaa Itti Bpaata Bpanyaa Pala Yaana – Aaraatanaa Ja Sattang – Itti Palang Itti Jidt-Dtang So-o Bpi Dti I Na Mo-o Put Taa Ya – Na Ma Pa Ta – Ja Pa Ga Sa – Sammaa Ta Sa – Arahang Put-To

Use the Kata to increase the potency of the Magical Power within the Yant, and emit more protective and evasive powers, for the Yant to keep you safe from all Harms and Evils.