Bucha Kroo Isan Style – what to Offer and Chant

Offerings to the Kroo (Isan Style)

Krueang Sakkara Kroo Dtamrap Isan – Offerings to the Kroo Ruesi Deva in the Isan (North Eastern) Magical Tradition
If you are to Practice Ruesi-Ism or Thai Occult Practices, and applied Magical Methods of  Thai Saiyasart, you must perform the proper Ceremony and Offerings to the Kroo. It is said that one can go Insane if a Ceremony is Performed without the complete formula and offerings.

The Following Items must be included in the Ceremonial Offerings;

  1. Five sets of ‘Khaw tork’ (puffed rice)
  2. Five  ‘Khan Kroo’ (deep Vase-like bowls used in Wai Kroo Ceremonies
  3. Five  ‘Tian Lem Baht’ (Candles weighing one Baht – an Imperical Weight measurement equal to about 25 Grams)
  4. Seven Cones of ‘Khan Mak Bpeng Jet Yord’
  5. One ‘Hor Nimont’ (white cloth)
  6. Ten One Baht Coins in appeasement to the Devas
  7. One Salerng (quarter Baht) for the Kroo

Perform the Ceremonial Offerings on a Tuesday – if any of the Offerings in the List are Missing, then the Practitioner could go Insane. Once the Offerings and Ceremony if complete, oyu can then take the ‘Khan’ (receptacle full of the offerings) and place it at the head of your bed, and prostrate and pray to it every Evening before sleeping.

If the Practitioner is going to perform any Spiritual Services, such as healing ill devotees,, blessing of houses, farm fields, exorcisms or the putting to rest of Ghosts, Bhutaa and Demons, then He or She should ‘Yok Kroo’ (perform Ceremonial offerings to the Kroo and Make the Mantra Invocations), before beginning the work to be done. It is always of prime importance to pay reverence and invoke the protection of the Kroo before performing any Magical Invocations or Ritual Ceremonies. One must be protected by the Kroo Lineage Masters when entering the paths of Sorcery.

‘Khan 5’ means 5 repeated sets of Offerings within one Receptacle.

Khan Wai Kroo from South Thailand Tradition

* The items in the Khan Kroo Vary from Tradition to Tradition.Almost all of them however, have Lotus Flowers (unopened) 5 for Khan Ha, 9 for Khan Gao, and 16 for Khan Sip Hok. Generally, only Khan Ha is administered to Devotees. Any person practicing Thai Saiyasart or Khmer Sorcery, must receive the Khant Ha and maintain observance of at least the Five Buddhist Moral Precepts.

Khan Kroo, Pan Kroo - Offerings to the Guru Deva Ruesi Hermit

Kam Bucha Kroo

Saatu Akkiitaanang Paha Bpubp-phang Sine Tadtawaa Asii Dtigabp Bpa Godtiyo Athiruubpo Mahaabpanyo Taaraendto Bpidta Gadt-Dtayang Nippaanang Bparamang Sukhang.

The Practitioner and Student of Montra Akom (Spell Casting and Mantra Invocations) must ask the Triple Gem for Forgiveness before beginning any Ceremony. Offenses against the Triple Gem which arerose from Bodily, Mental or Speech involvements. Also one must ask forgiveness for the states of heart (moods and inclinations) which one has had which were harmful towards others, or angry, jealousy, vengeful, and other such contaminated instincts.

If we do not perform the Ceremony of Prayer to ‘Khor Khama Tote’ (as Forgiveness), then the Practitioner will experience ‘Karmic Blowback’, and suffer for it. The Heart and Mind must be coaxed into becoming Pure. A mind and Heart which is Impure, can not develop Great Power, and his Spells will not have much Magic at all.

Kam Khor Khama Pra Radtana Dtrai

Saatu Ajjayang Ajjayo No Mae Pandtae Ajja Kamaa Yathaa Paalae Yathaa Munlahae Yathaa Agusalae

Mae Mayaa Paladtaa Jidt-Dtaa Akaarawa Akaarawaa Puttadtima Tammadtima Sangkadtima Ma Ma Radtanadt-dtayae Gaayaena Waajaaya Ma Na Saa No Pandtae Pini Puttang Pini Tammang Pini Sangkang Ajjayang Ajjayadto Bpadtikanhaadtu Aayadting Pandtae Sangwarae Yaama Saggajja Karu Kaarawa Aedtaa Amhaagang Sukhang Hidtaaya Makkaphala Nippaana Bpajjayo Hodtu Adiidtatosang Bpajjubpannatosang Gaayagammang Wajiigammang Manogammang

I have Transgressed against the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha be it Bodily, with Spำech, or within the Heart and Mind, both known and secretly – I (Say Your Name and Surname) am full of Impurity and Bad Karmic Residue, due to Lobha, Tosa and Mokkha (Greed, Anger and Ignorance – the 3 Mind Poisons) – May My Sins of the Past or the Present, be retraced and Forgiven by the Triple Gem and Disappear in this Very Moment Place and Time – Saatu.

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