Wai Kroo Ruesi Por Gae Samnak Ruesi Chote Taewarit

2021 Wai Kroo Por Gae Lersi Dta Fai at Dtamnak Por Phu Lersi Narai Chote Taewarit


Below, we can enjoy watching a video of some scenes from the Celebration of the 2564 BE (2021) Wai Kroo Ceremony to the Lersi God of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, Por Gae Lersi Dta Fai, embodied by Lersi/Ruesi Chote Taewarit was held, despite the Covid Restrictions, with only local devotees attending, which still amounted to over 200 Looksit in attendance. Ruesi Chote Taewarit became a medium at a very young age, and has been performing Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos for many years now. The Dtamnak Sak Yant of Lersi Narai Taewarit is in the municipality of Thong Chai, in Sri Saket, North-East Thailand (Isan Country).

Wai Kroo Dtamnak Sak Yant Lersi Narai Chote Taewarit

In this year of 2021 (2564 BE) with Covid Lockdowns worldwide, it has been hard for the world of the Samnak Sak Yant, and Dtamnak Lersi, for devotees (Looksit) to attend the Wai Kroo Rituals. In order to keep you up to date with current events, i have decided to begin to document as many Wai Kroo Ceremonies i can find photographic or Video documentation of, for you to keep tabs on Thai Ruesi Hermit Practices in the current Era, during the time that most people can not yet revisit Thailand to attend for themselves. We hope this helps to revive your interest in what is now becoming a very closed niche spiritual practice, restricted to local devotees due to lockdowns, which has changed the landscape of the world of Sak Yant, and how Samnak Ruesi are conducted since the Pandemic rules in Thailand were introduced.

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