Jeta Bhumi Jeta Phuudt – Astral Realm Beings

“Jeta Bhumi” is the Thai word used to refer to the World of the Astral body. The Jeta Bhumi is a subtle body which resides invisibly within the physical body, but is separate and apart from it, only connected as long as the life force is present within the body. It is not visible with the naked eye. The Jeta Bhumi is where the ‘Pisaj’ (Daemons and Ghosts) first came into existence. The Astral Body can sometimes become separated from the Physical Body, and in fact sometimes happens when we sleep. However, although the Astral Body may appear to become separated for a while, in fact, there is a thin line of energy connecting them, which allows the Astral Form to draw itself backwards to re-enter the body. Sometimes when we travel in the Astral Planes, we may experience something which causes us to quickly return to our bodies. When this happens, you may feel very heavy or paralyzed when you become aware, and will need a short time to accustom yourself to the heavy weight of the body. Sometimes if shocked, the Astral Body returns very quickly indeed into the Body (Fleeing). When this happens, You may awaken with the heart beating heavily, and with a shocked feeling. This is due to the Astral Body Fleeing a situation it did not like and returning to the body too quickly, leaving no time to re-accustom itself.

Sometimes an Astral Body can not return to its Body, because the Physical Body has reached the end of its life, and dies whilst the Astral Body is Outside of its Physical Counterpart.

Separation of the Astral Body due to Natural death

At the point of Death, when the Physical Body has Naturally reached the end of its Time, the Jeta Bhumi (Astral Body) will know that the Body is going to Die, and slowly ease itself out of the body. The Jeta Bhumi body will then be able to move around and continue for a while, but, being subject to the Dhamma of Impermanence (as are all things), will also eventually reach the point of Dissolution and Cessation.

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Separation of the Astral Body due to Unnatural Death

When Death occurs suddenly or unexpectedly due to Unnatural Circumstances, such as being Murdered or Dying in an Accident (known as ‘Dtaay Hoeng’ in Thai), the Jeta Bhumi does not have time to see Death coming. Dtaay Hoeng means that the Spirit of the Person is suddenly separated from its Body without any Prior Warning, and must wander around confused. Sometimes, such a Spirit will appear and become visible to Living Humans because it is trying to stay in the world of the Living, and does not yet really know or accept the fact that it has Died. This kind of incident is what people refer to a Ghostly Hauntings, or the Apparition of Daemons. The word Daemon should be correctly understood to mean Astral Spirit, not a Devilish Evil Being. The word Daemon was converted into ‘Demon’ and given evil connotations only during the Christian Era. It is a wrong interpretation of the meaning of an Ancient Greek Word. This of course does not mean to suggest that Evil Spirits and Malefic Entities do not exist, they do.

In whatever case, those Spirits or Ghosts of Unnatural Deaths, called ‘Phii Dtaay Hoeng’ in Thai, are believed to be very Angry and Violently powerful, and supposed to possess and display immense Psychic Powers.

Jeta Phuudt - Spirits of Accidental Deaths

As to those Spirits which undergo a Natural Death,  no such Haunting Behaviour or Anger arises, and a normal Dissolution occurs according to the Karma of each Individual. There are various Planes with varied levels of Solidity or Dissolution which can be accessed. Without the 3 Dimensional Limits of the Physical Body, the Mind is able to travel Instantly and as Far as it wishes in Space, or Time.

Astral Realms - Within and Without - Multi Dimensional Inner Space

If we learn to sense, and Master the access to the Astral Realms and learn to enter and travel with the Astral Body, we can use it as a very powerful Spiritual Tool and Method for our Advancement in the Practice. For example, we can send our Astral Body (Jeta Bhumi) to different places and times both in this World and Around Time and Space. Also, our Dreams and Nightmares arise from out of the Jeta Bhumi, and can thus be easily controlled and understood when we have Mastered this Practice.

Apart from this, once we have managed to access the Jeta Bhumi and Project Our Self into the Astral Realms, the Mind attains a different, clearer and more insightful state, which reveals new depths of Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom.

For the correct and comprehensive practice of the Thai Hermit Path, the Mastery of the Jeta Bhumi (Astral Projection) is a Very Important and Powerful aspect of the Practice. Not all Worldly Lersi Hermits Master this aspect of Spiritual Development, but those who do, will have an Immensely Useful Tool for their Quest for Inner Knowledge and Mastery.

Astral Projection in Thai is known as ‘Tord Jidt’ (to project the Mind). It is one of the Various 18 Siddhi Powers which Arise with the Practice of Ruesi-Ism. It is also a Power which those Great Noble Ones who have attained the Six Abhinya possess.

If we study about the Various Levels of Celestial Realms, Worlds and Underworlds in Thai Buddhist and Vedic Lore, we may see how the Astral Realm is also one of the Celestial Realms, or, Scientifically ‘Dimensions’. Considering that all things are Swimming in the Cosmic Ocean, even Planet Earth itself, we can Conclude that all of the various Realms of Existence are Celestial, for they Swim in the Cosmic Ocean Itself.

The Thai Buddhist Heaven has 6 Realms forming 16 sub levels

In Thai Buddhism and Vedic Lore (and for the Lersi Hermits), there are 6 Major Levels of Celestial Realms, the 6th of which being split into two kinds (making 7 in all as a group). However, it is said that there are 16 Heavenly Realms, 15 Worldly Realms and 14 Underworlds within the whole.

It is possible to Astral Travel throughout Space and Time into some Realms, but some Celestial Realms can not be accessed unless the traveler’s attainments are sufficient, and of the necessary qualities needed to gain access to that Celestial Realm.

The Enlightened Buddha Decends to the Dawadeungsa Heaven

Many of the Lersi would practice ‘Tord Jidt’ (Astral Projection) and Travel around the various Celestial Realms to see and learn, increasing their Wicha and Baramee.

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