Sacred Herb Paya Wan Chang Pasom Khloeng

Paya Wan Chang Pasom Khloeng. This Immensely rare, and sacred plant, whose herb, root and flower is an essential part of the magical repository of ingredients used in formulas for most of the more highly powered Maha Sanaeh type amulets and Nam Man Prai oils.

This herb is am essential part of the Herbalism of the Lersi Hermit Gods and their Human level Sages, be it for amulets, magic potions, or healing medicinal treatments.

This very powerful sacred herb is extremely rare to encounter anywhere, and its flower is potentially unheard of, which also are extremely difficult to grow successfully with blooming flowers.


Narrative by Ajarn Spencer 

These are prior episodes, documenting the first humble and experimental ‘learn as you work, beginnings of the cultivation of sacred plants, in preparation for the installation of a living Museum of Sacred Herbs, for the Buddha Magic Project & Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos Museum.

Dork Paya Wan Chang Pasom Khloeng

Dork Paya Wan Chang Pasom Khloeng