Lersi Kobutra

Lersi Kobutra ฤาษีโคบึตร

Lersi Kobutra

Lersi Kobutra was the son of Lersi Kodom, and is featured in the 108 Ruesi Legends.Lersi Kobutra received all his training from Kodom. That he could levitate and fly through the air from a young age even before he ordained as a Lersi. He practiced Mantras and Kata until he had memorized so many and was so fluent and excellent in his meditative chanting that the Kata were of extreme power. Another characteristic of Lersi Kobutra is that through his great merits of practice, he had a great charm power around his aura, which cause ladies wherever he went to become infatuated with him wherever he wen on his incessant travels. He never refused his desires in this respect, and eventually had a whole harem of wives, who would fight amongst each other in jealousy and possessiveness for his attentions. He had wives of many different kinds of beings,; Angelics, Fairies, Yaksas, Naga Maidens, Earthly Humans, Kinnaree, Devas, Apsara Maidens.

Ruesi Kobutra - Headless Ruesi

Finally, Lersi Kobutra became extremely bored with all the fuss and decided to flee and hide to evade all the bother. But once he began practicing in his new place of residence, the same thing began to occur again with a new ste of women. And so he was forced to flee once more, this time he went to the deepest part of the forest he could find. But even there the lady helpers of the other ascetics in the forest passed by Kobutra’s dwelling whilst picking fruits, and they began to become fascinated and infatuated with the “Saneh” (charming power) of the young Kobutra. The quarreling began once more, and it began to become clear that there was no escape in sight for poor Lersi Kobutra. The news of the disturbance arrived to the other Lersi in the forest; the Brahma Lersi and the Dabos Lersi.

All the different categories of Lersi were hearing the same news of the charming Kobutra and of their maidens infatuation with him, and they became angry with Lersi Kobutra. But Kobutra’s luck was still in force, for his father, Rueso Kodom got to hear of the news, and rushed to the scene and promised the committee of Lersi who had gathered to plan a punishment for Kobutra that he would take care of the problem and not let Lersi Kobutra out of his sight. Most of the Lersi were content with this and left for home. But one Lersi (Karakata), although did not call for punishment, still remained and spoke out cursing Lersi Kobutra with a magical incantation: “let us see, if this problem occurs once more, the head and the body of Kobutra will have to be separated from one another”.

Lersi Kodom was so worried about what might happen to his son if the problem occurred again that he had to go and catch Kobutra and force him to ordain officially as a Lersi and practice austerities.

Lersi Kodom was so impressed with Kobutra’s practice and advancements in personal merits as a Lersi (which were by no means inferior to those of Lersi Kodom himself), that he forgot his son’s earlier problems, he saw that Lersi Kobutra never left his ashram and maintained his practice very diligently indeed! He was of great wisdom in Dharma and accomplished in magic. “Kobutra should be safe to leave alone now” he thought. Lersi Kobutra maintained his practices for many years in the ashram, until he could equal his father in any way and had attained many realizations and magic powers beyond even what he had set himself out as a goal.

At this point the Lersi Kobutra asked his father for permission to leave to a deeper and more silent part of the forest in order to increase his practice, and left for a valley in the Himalayas between Mount Krailash and the Himapant forest, with the thought that it would be very peaceful and fiull of solitude.

But as it happened, the “Nang Fa” (angelic maidens) who were the servants of Pra Isworn’s (Shiva’s) court on the top of Mount Krailash, would fly down from heaven each day to pick flowers for offering to Pra Isworn. This happened without fail each day. After many years, the flowers on Mount Krailash decreased, due to the 108 Nang Fa maidens plucking them, and the Nang Fa had to seek further down into the valley to find more wild flowers for offering. Whilst doing this, they stumbled across the gardens of Lersi Kobutra, which he had planted around his dwelling in neat rows. The flowers were so orderly and beautiful that the maidens didn’t dare to pick them without finding out who was their owner and ask permission.
At this moment the Lersi Kobutra came out of his ashram as he had just finished a period of sitting in Jhana. When the maidens asked him about the flowers and told him that they needed flowers for offering to Pra Isworn, Lersi Kobutra let them take a host of them to offer to their Lord. But the fateful “Sanaeh” of the Lersi was working on the Nang Fa, and they all fell in love with him. When Pra Isworn found out about the events, and that his 108 Nang Fa had fallen for the Lersi, he punished them by condemning them to go and live on the Earth with the Humans as tree fairies and tree spirits and never return to heaven. As for Lersi Kobutra, Pra Isworn punished him too by cursing him to have his head separated from his body (although he didn’t let him die). Pra Isworn then decreed for Lersi Kobutras head to remain inside the ashram and for his body to be cursed to remain in the Risayamuk cave, and become a bat which was only to leave and hunt for food at night. This way, there would be no danger of the Lersi’s charming ability to cause problems with other people’s wives again.

Because of the “Metta Mahaniyom” charming quality of Lersi Kobutra’s image, most performers and dancers will revere this Lersi and have a Lersi head of Kobutra on their altars. It can also be tattooed as a Sak Yant.
he who revers this Lersi, apart from being liked and recieveing preferential treatment, will also have the blessing of never dying in violent circumstances.

The head mask of Lersi Por Gae Kobutra and Kotama should never be used to take out and ask for alms with (don’t use it to get offerings made to yourself) – this is a rule which is often broken and a reason for the corruption of the lineage that is beginning to occur with the increase of popularity in Lersi-ism and the ruthless moneymaking that many peripheral fame and fortune seekers who do not respect the traditions who are appearing in the Lersi movement.

If you are a Looksit (disciple) of Kotama and Kobutra, then you should never use your charm to take advantage of others or to trick and deceive people with, as this will be detrimental to the continued lineage of the tradition and will cause the Devas to depart from the Human realm as far as being present with ceremonies in reverence to the Lersi is concerned.