Lersi Brahma Putra

Lersi Prohmabut (Lersi Brahmaputra)

Story of the Lersi Brahmaputra Once upon a time, there was a young child called Brahmaputra, whose Mother was a Bhrama Nari. When he became a young boy, he asked his Mother about his Father. His Mother then told him that his Father was named Lersi Prohmames, and that he lived in the Brahma realm, but that she herself was not able to return to the Brahma world because she had been forbidden by the lord of Heaven Pra Isworn (Lord Shiva).
Lersi Prohmabut
In this time, Brahmaputra was practicing austerities in the forest as a Lersi. When he heard of his mother’s exile from the Brahma worlds, he became very angry, and devoted himself to increasing his powers and magical knowledge. The one day, as his powers had become increasingly powerful, Lersi Brahmaputra felt a great anger again at the fact that his Mother had been so badly treated, and his temper overcame him. He then went out to find the practice places of the other Lersi, and challenged them to come out and fight. The other Lersi were terrified by Lersi Brahmaputra’s great power and ran away. This only served to increase Brahmaputra’s daring, for he thought that all the Lersi feared him, and that there was really nobody who could stand up to him at all.

As Brahmaputra realized that he had become so powerful and fear inducing, he decided it was perhaps time to avenge his Mothers exile from the Brahma Realm. He intended to get permission for his Mother to return to Heaven. Brahmaputra thus rose up into the air and flew off to the Heavens to where his Father, Lersi Prohm Parames(Brahmamesa) was residing.

Brahmaputra hoped to discuss the matter with his Father, and get him to agree to let his Mother return to the Brahma Realm, but Brahmaputras visit was in vain, and the outcome was to the contrary; Lersi Prohm Paramesrefused all of Brahmaputra’s repeated cries and pleas for mercy on his Mother.

In addition, Lersi Prohm Parames(Prohm Paramesadha), also ordered Brahmaputra to leave the Brahma Realm too and not come back. When Brahmaputra saw that his own Father was being so cold hearted and even shooing his own Son and Wife, he became extremely angry, and attacked Prohmames. Both Father and Son threw insults at each other and a terrible fight ensued, which caused the Brahma Realm and various other levels of Heaven to shake. The disturbance caused all the Devas in heaven to become alarmed, and journey out of their various places of residence to see what the cause of all the tremors was.

Lersi Prohmames - Ruesi Parames - Prohmabut's father

When they saw Brahmaputra and Prohm Parames fighting, it became clear that they would not be able to stop the fight, and so the Devas travelled up to Mount Krailash (the seat of Pra Isworn), and told the Lord of Heaven about the two Brahma Lersis who were Father and Son and were fighting as if to the Death. When Pra Isworn heard this news, he called upon Pra Narai (Vishnu),who was also on Mount Krailash, to come with him and see why a Father and Son were fighting so fiercely and causing disturbances throughout the various levels of Heaven. So they went to see who was in the right and who was wrong, and thus deal out justice as deserved. Pra Isworn approached the two Lersi, and forbade them to fight, in addition being merciful with Brahmaputra and explaining to him first. But Brahmaputra would not listen and began to insult and taunt Pra Narai angrily, with no respect or fear for Pra Isworns wrath.

Pra Isworn became angrier, and spoke out, decreeing that it was not fitting for a Father and Son to fight, and added “Hmm it seems we have a pair of daring fellows here, who like to show off their special powers, and think they are Great Masters”. “Pra Narai! – deal with these people as you see fit”.

Pra Narai took action immediately, and grappled with Brahmaputra, but the Lersi called upon all of his supernatural power, and even Pra Narai saw that he would not be able to subdue the Lersi without thinking of a good trick. So he opened his jacket and took out his Chakra disk and flung it up into the sky. The Chakra rose up and began to emit its blinding white light. The Chakra then began to spin and descend, spinning ever faster.

Lersi Prohmabut (Brahma Putra)

The Chakra descended so fast that Lersi Brahmaputra was not quick enough to react and dodge the razor sharp blades, and the Chakra sliced through Brahmaputra’s neck,cutting his head off.Bur dues to the accumulated merits of his practice, Brahmaputra did not die. When Pra Isworn saw that the Lersi was still alive, he knew that Brahmaputra would use magical Kata to reattach his head back onto his body using magical powers. So Pra Isworn decided to use his most powerful weapon of all; his fire eye. The fire eye was the closed eye in Pra Isworn’s forehead, which when opened, would burn anything in its sight to cinders. The Lord of Heaven opened his eye and stared at Lersi Brahmaputra’s severed body. The body was engulfed in flames, and turned to ash instantly. When Brahmaputra saw that he was left with only his head, he gave up and admitted his faults to Pra Narai and Pra Isworn. Pra Isworn thus ordered Brahmaputra to not return to the Brahma world until it was his time, and that he should return to the Himapant forest and continue his practice as before. But he was told that he must only perform good acts and be useful to others.As of then,Lersi Brahmaputra had only a head, but did not die, and gave his help and protection to the Human race whenever it was needed.

Krob Kroo Ruesi Brahmaputra

In Thailand, Lersi Brahmaputra is seen as a Deity who helps others, and is considered sacred. Masks and heads are made in the likeness of Lersi Brahmaputra, and placed on altars, as well as used in Krob Kroo ceremonies to lay over the heads of the devotees. The laying on of the ‘Siarn Kroo Ruesi Prohmabut’ (Lersi Brahmaputra’s Head Mask) is believed to be a great blessing and protection from illness, and harm.

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